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    Donald Williams

     A Mississippi native, I graduated from Leflore County High school, located in the small town of Itta Bena. I then attended Mississippi Valley State University where I majored in Criminal Justice. A person that was taught at an early age to always do my best at whatever I choose to do, I have always believed in giving it my all. My first real job was an associate at Walmart. Although I worked 10 years at Walmart, I learned my passion was Security when I assisted in Loss Prevention.  I began my security journey in 2004 and my passion still holds strong today. Since then, I have enjoyed multiple security opportunities in many different fields which has helped me to digest a multitude of security experiences.  All of these experiences I have encountered are introduced in the training at Flawless Execution Security Service.  My goal is to bring a different kind of experience to the security industry for all; the employees as well as the clients. 

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