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Flawless Execution Security Service offer many packets that fits your demand. You can choose from any of our private security services and customize them as you need.

                              SERVICE PACKETS


We provide customized packets to fit your needs and expectations;  

1) We can post stationed officers at your facilities to 

  • deter theft

  • CCTV monitoring

  • keep homeless people away (this is beginning to be a big issue)

  • make tours throughout the facilities

  • fire watch

  • all other requests


2) We also can provide mobile patrols, rather you want a

  •  stationed mobile presence 

  • mobile drive-by patrols. 

    • Our mobile units can continually check multiple facilities (with requested times and days) with no less than 3 tours during patrol. 


3) We offer OfficerReports software so you will always be in the know of what is happening at your facilities. We provide the legwork, you can rest assured, your facilities are guarded by professional security personnel.


                    We can customize your preferred packet. Call us for pricing!


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