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Security Guard Service

Flawless Execution Security Service LLC started in 2004. We are motivated to provide impeccable service to every client along with the aspiration to empower lives. We take pride in our officers as they reflect professionalism, and the training to provide the flawless service that is expected to our clients. We offer Armed, Unarmed, and patrol services. With our highly trained customer service skills, our officers are guaranteed to be polite and greet you with a smile. To not be misunderstood, we also stand firm on enforcing the set policies and guidelines. Every officer is required to always take ownership and be knowledgeable of their areas. Give us a try and you will see why we say FLAWLESS!!! IT'S IN THE NAME!!!




Our mobile units are equipped with audio and video recording systems. No other security company offers that feature. That is only one of the many things that put FESS in a class of our own. Our client can have the convenience in knowing, there property and employees are protected by professional security personals. Our units are made to deter crime and is backed with video recording for detailed accuracy. 


FESS provide marked and unmarked units. This is just another step to show how FESS strive to be the best fit for our clients. We want the client to rest easy, knowing any potential situation that may occur is handled swiftly and professionally.


  • Airports

  • Residential

  • Churches

  • Construction Sites

  • Events

  • High Rise

  • Surveillance CCTV

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Warehouse

  • Escorts

  • Parties

  • Schools

  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Sub-contracting

  • Drive By Mobile Patrol
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We use software. It is the highest grade software for guard management. The software is user friendly for the guards and detailed friendly for the client.


OfficerReport is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use security guard management software platform in the security industry.


We help security guard companies of all sizes from around the globe better manage their operations, better service their contracts, and win new business.

But in addition to being a leading software provider for security guard companies, we also look to provide resources to help security guard companies of all sizes grow and prosper.

Patrol Service

Commercial, Private, Industral, Parking Lots

 Proudly created by Donald Williams

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